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Get The Fast Food Advantage – A £65,000 Website For £65 A Month

With over 100,000+ takeaway and fast food delivery services in the UK it can be hard to get the edge on your competitors and survive in this growing industry. The more restaurants that open up, the more the market dilutes and it becomes less likely you’ll get calls for delivery.

Websites like Just-Eat and Hungry House are great for expanding your reach as a first step but they throw you in a large pool of competitors and take not only a monthly fee, but a per transaction fee on every order they send to your shop. Transaction fees add up and permanently eat into your profit margins. You won’t find big brands such as Dominos Pizza or Pizza Hut on these directory websites because they have an on-line presence just as easy to use which provides them with 100% profit from their online orders.

Now, with Fast Food Advantage from DDS you can have the best of both worlds. Take a leap towards building your brand recognition and reputation, climb out of the pool of local competition you’re in and take your restaurant to the next level. Introducing Fast Food Advantage, your complete, all-in-one, self-updating and search engine optimised fast food delivery website and kitchen printer solution. We at DDS Hosting have invested over £65,000 worth of development and design time creating this website and printer combo because we recognised the need for it. Many take-away owners are ambitious and want to grow their business by increasing sales and building a loyal customer base. Now you can do this for 1000 times cheaper, just CLICK HERE to find out more.

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